About OPRS and the IRB


The mission of OPRS and IRB is to protect the rights and welfare of human research participants by ensuring compliance with state and federal laws as well as the high ethical standard set forth in university policy.

About OPRS

About Institutional Review Boards

Institutional Review Boards are committees made up of university faculty, scientists, non-scientists, and unaffiliated community members charged by the U.S. government with protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in research.

About the Office for the Protection of Research Subjects

The Office for the Protection of Research Subjects operates and supports the UIUC IRBs. OPRS establishes standards and procedures for implementation of policies and operations of the human research protection and program. The office also provides education and resources to support the conduct of compliant research at UIUC.


Why OPRS and the IRB are important

OPRS and the IRBs determine what types of activities constitute research with humans. They review, approve, or require modifications to proposed research activities.

All projects that meet the federal definitions of research with human subjects must be reviewed and approved, or receive an exempt determination, by the IRB prior to beginning any research activities regardless of funding source.

UIUC Campus Administrative Manual: Human Subjects in Research