I am new to UIUC. What about my research at my old institution?


I am new to UIUC. What about my research at my old institution?


Once you have started at UIUC, the IRB approval you had at your prior institution no longer covers your research activities. In order to continue conducting research activities or procedures, you must open up the research at UIUC.


  1. You can no longer be listed as the PI on the IRB application at your prior institution. Either close the study at the prior institution or transition it to a new PI.
  2. For Exempt research, you must submit a New Study Application at UIUC.
  3. For non-exempt research (minimal risk or greater than minimal risk), you will either need to submit a New Study Application at UIUC, or it may be appropriate to proceed with a single IRB review process. OPRS will make the determination of how to proceed based upon any funding, federal oversight, and specific research procedures. Submit a Reliance Consultation Request to start the conversation with OPRS.
  4. Make sure you have any data transfer agreements in place if you intend to bring data with you from your prior institution. Technically, even if you are the PI, the data belongs to the institution and you are not allowed to bring it to your new institution without a data transfer agreement. Often you should follow the data transfer policies of the original institution; however, for information on how the process works at UIUC, please review this website: https://research.illinois.edu/research-administration/data-sharing-and-transfer-guidance

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