OPRS and IRB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question Related Research Topics
Can a graduate student submit the application?
Can an electronic signature be used to consent for research?
Can I compensate research participants?
Can I just close my study?
Can UIUC provide IRB approval for a researcher outside the US?
Do I have to compensate research participants?
Do I have to participate in research?
Do I have to transition an existing project that uses an external IRB?
Do I need to do anything if I am a PI leaving UIUC?
Do I need to document or cite the use of the CIRTification program?
Do I need to transition an NHSR (Non-Human Subject Research) project?
Does publication make it research?
How are Renewals and Amendments impacted by IRBOnline?
How do I access my CIRTification completion certificate?
How do I create an application in IRBOnline?
How do I delete an application in IRBOnline?
How do I know if community partners require training?
How do I make sure my CITI training is showing in IRBOnline?
How do I submit a project that may be Exempt Research?
How do I submit a report form?
How long is CIRTification training and the certificate valid?
How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?
I am conducting an online survey, do I have to complete an International Research Form?
I am moving to a new institution but will still have an appointment at UIUC...
I am new to UIUC. What about my research at my old institution?
I completed the CITI training, but it is not showing as complete in the OVCRI Training portal. Why?
I participated in a research study, and I have some concerns about something that happened.
I want to use a different IRB, do I have to do anything at UIUC?
I'm not physically going to another country, do I have to complete an International Research Form?
If my research is Exempt to I need a Data Transfer and Use Agreement?