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Renewal of Protocol Form

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Renewal of Protocol Form

All continuing, nonexempt research must be re-reviewed and re-approved at intervals appropriate to the degree of risk, but at least once per year. Approximately two months before an approved project's expiration date, the OPRS will prompt the responsible project investigator (RPI) to begin the renewal process and send the Renewal of Protocol Form.

So that the appropriate level of review can be completed before the project's approval expires, the Renewal of Protocol Form must be submitted by the deadline indicated in the OPRS notification.

Human subjects research may not continue beyond a project's approval expiration date.

Effective January 17, 2017, OPRS will implement procedures for granting IRB approval, for eligible protocols, for an extended period of up to thee years. A checklist has been developed to assist OPRS and the RPI to determine whether or not a protocol is eligible for the extended approval period.

 If you have not received your Renewal of Protocol Form to complete, please contact the office at 333-2670 or