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Instructions for CITI Training

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Instructions for CITI Training


Go to and click on the "Register" button located in the blue log in box to the right of the homepage.
The next steps are numbered 1-7. These steps will collect information to register your account and place you in the correct course based on your institutional settings.

Step 1   

Type the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign into the search box and choose 'University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign (SSO)'. After selecting your institution click Continue to Step 2. 

Step 2    

It requests that you enter your first and last name along with your email address. 
Please enter your name here as you would like it to appear on your completion report received at the end of the course. Ensure you use your Illinois email address.
While not required, we do encourage entering a secondary email address. It will assist in the recovery of your account if you forget your username or password and no longer have access to your primary email address.  

Step 3    

You will choose a username and password for your account. Please follow the on screen instructions for the expected parameters of each field. Passwords are case sensitive.
During this step you will also select and answer a security question. This question will be used to assist in the recovery of your account if you have forgotten your username or password. Please select a question that is applicable to you and you can comfortably answer for the tech support team.

Step 4   

This step collects demographic information. All information provided is voluntary. Use the blue information question marks for more information on specific categories. 
Professionals seeking credit for CITI Program courses can make their selection for Continuing Education credits during step 5.

Step 5       

This step is where you can also let us know your interest in participating in research surveys at a later date.

Step 6    

This step is institutional specific. Each institution determines the fields listed on this page and what information is required or optional. Some institutions request very specific information such as an employee ID number or campus name. Any questions regarding the fields on this page should be directed to your institution CITI Program administrator. 


Select Curriculum

Question 1: Core Basic Training

Course in the Protection of Human Subjects

  • Core IRB Training
    • Assessing Risk – SBE (ID 503)
    • Basic Institutional Review Board (IRB) Regulations and Review Process (ID 2)
    • Consent in the 21st Century (ID 17060)
    • Defining Research with Human Subjects (ID 491)
    • Privacy and Confidentiality – SBE (ID 505)

Question 2: Additional Elective

Courses in the Protection of Human Subjects

Please note: You must first complete your Core Training before selecting from the additional training module.

Choose all that apply:

  • Assessing Risk in Social and Behavioral Sciences - SBR
  • U Avoiding Group Harms: U.S. Research Perspectives
  • Belmont Report and CITI Course Introduction
  • Conflicts of Interest in Research Involving Human Subjects - Biomedical
  • U Defining Research with Human Subjects - SBR
  • U FDA-Regulated Research
  • HIPS - Health Information Privacy and Security
  • History and Ethical Principles - SBR
  • Hot Topics
  • HSR Unanticipated Problems and Reporting Requirements in Biomedical Research
  • Informed Consent - SBR
  • International Research - Biomedical
  • International Research - SBR
  • Internet Research - SBR
  • Privacy and Confidentiality - SBR
  • Research and HIPAA Privacy Protections
  • Research in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools - SBR
  • Research Involving Minors - Biomedical
  • Research Involving Pregnant Women and Fetuses in Utero - Biomedical
  • Research with Children - SBR
  • Research with Prisoners- Biomedical
  • Research with Prisoners - SBR
  • Research With Protected Populations - Vulnerable Subjects: An Overview
  • Social and Behavioral Research for Biomedical Researchers
  • Students in Research - SBR
  • The IRB Member Module - “What Every New IRB Member Needs to Know”
  • Workers as Research Subjects-A Vulnerable Population - Biomedical
  • You want to be an IRB Community Member, Now what?
  • Unanticipated Problems and Reporting Requirements in Social and Behavioral Research

Question 3: Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)


If you want to take Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Course, please make your selection below.

Choose one answer

  • Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research Course
  • Social and Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research Course
  • Physical Science Responsible Conduct of Research Course
  • Humanities Responsible Conduct of Research Course

Validation Screen

This next screen will validate your registration. If you want to register with another institution click “Yes”; if not, click “No” to continue.

Main Menu

Scroll down to My Courses. This will let you know what course you are enrolled in and will show your Status in Red “Not Started – Enter”. After you have completed all the modules in this required course, follow the instructions for viewing and downloading your completion report. A minimum passing score of 80% is required for a certificate of completion.

Going Back to the Sites to Complete Unfinished Training

CITI Training Site

  1. Go to the CITI training site at:
  2. Where it says Already Registered? Enter your name and password and click submit
  3. This will open a menu that says Learner’s menu at the top. In the center of the page you will see a status line for My Courses. It will show the course and under the status category it will say Not Passed-Re-Enter. Click on the Re-Enter and complete the training.
  4. The next time you enter the site the status line will say passed and give you the option to print the completion report.


If You are Required to do Additional Modules - Updating Your User Group

1. Go to the CITI site:

2. Log on using user name and password

3. This will open a window that says Learners Menu

4. Scroll down that page about 2/3 of the way to the bottom

5. There you will see a sentence that says "Add a Course or Update Your Learner Groups" Click on that sentence.

6. This will open a new window with a sentence that says "Update groups" in bright red.

7. This opens up a new window that says Core Basic Training and gives instructions to select the group that is appropriate for your research activities. For most researchers this will be option 3- Basic: Social and Behavioral Research. Put your cursor in the dot and it will indicate your group. Go all the way to the bottom of the page and hit submit. If you don't do this, you will not have access to the additional modules.

8. Log out of the CITI site.

9. Now when you log back on to the CITI site and see the learners menu, with the icon for optional modules you will see an array of modules you can complete. Note however that the optional modules are not available for completion until you have completed the basic courses.


Adding Optional Training Modules From the CITI Training Site


As a PI or person directing a research team, you may want to complete additional training or require your research team members to complete additional training. We encourage this and will do what we can to facilitate the process.

The optional training modules are found only on the CITI web site and can only be completed after the basic module is complete.

To add additional modules:

  1. Go to the CITI site at:
  2. Enter your username and password and click submit
  3. This will bring up a window that has your name at the top and some additional features. Toward the center of the page you will see an i "bubble and Optional Modules." Click on the line that says optional modules.
  4. This will open a window that again has your name at the top but this window says Optional Modules for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  5. In sand colored print you will see a myriad of optional modules that you can review and take the quiz. SBR stands for Social behavioral research and will be the type of module you will want to complete. However if your research is more biomedical, you will want to focus on the modules that say biomedical after the descriptor.
  6. From the instructions on this window, you will note that these additional modules will not show on your completion report. However, you will also note in the fourth > it says "A record of all modules you complete is maintained in the database. Follow the link to see your Previous Coursework.". If you click on those brown words, it will bring up a window that shows all modules you have completed. If you have completed additional modules, keep this page for your records. This can be done by going to the icon just above the date that says Page. Click on the icon, then on the icon that says "Save As" and save the page for your files
  7. Print this page and submit it along with your completion report or certificate. This will be particularly important if you have been directed to complete additional modules by IRB staff

Going Back to the Sites Just to Print Certificates


  1. Go to the CITI site at:
  2. Enter your Username and password then click submit
  3. This opens a window with your name at the top
  4. In the middle of the page at the third i bubble down, you will see a line that says "My Courses". Under the heading "Completion Reports" you will see a Print function, click on that icon.
  5. This opens a window that says Course Completion History and it shows all the courses you have completed.
  6. On the line that shows the course you have completed you will see Print Completion Report. Click on that icon and your completion report for that course appears.
  7. Use the print function on your browser to print the report.

Everyone listed on the protocol is to be listed on the Research Team Form, the form will provide space where date of training was completed. The completed certification report does not need to be provided with IRB applications.

If you have questions about the training process, please call the IRB office at 333-2670 or e-mail at