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I am pleased to announce that the OPRS website has been updated and is now available for use. This represents the next step in the OPRS project to modernize the university's IRB oversight and submission processes, in preparation for the implementation of an electronic IRB system in late 2023.

The site will vastly improve access to information about human subjects research, and the user-friendly format will enhance our ability to update and share relevant guidance with UIUC investigators.  At the same time, we will be implementing a new process for researchers who wish to use an external IRB, an important step to ensure university compliance with federal regulations.

In the coming days we will provide navigation tutorial videos for the updates.  You will find those videos in the Other Trainings section of the website. 

I would like to draw your attention to three important new types of documents and processes.

New Forms

  1. Final Project Report Form - replaces Closure Form and is used when a project is closed or completed
  2. Report Form - replaces Deviations Form and Unanticipated Problems and Reportable Events Form, is used to submit problems or events to IRB
  3. Facilitated Review Application Form - new form to be used when relying on an external IRB

Updated Consent Document Templates

For more information review the Consent Templates Research Topic.

New Reliance Menu and Process

Look for the Reliance menu option at the top of the homepage for new pages with step-by-step instructions to the updated process when using an external IRB or asking UIUC to act as the IRB for external researchers.

OPRS is committed to providing our investigators with the tools and resources they need to safely and successfully achieve their research goals.  Thank you for your ongoing patience as we take this important next step in our plans to better serve the Illinois research community.

Sarah Mumford


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