Class Projects or Assignments


Class projects designed for educational purposes that teach research methods or demonstrate course concepts do not meet the definition of research.  The activities take place within the term of the course and are not intended to create new knowledge or contribute to generalizable knowledge. Instructors have an obligation to ensure students involved in course projects meet professional and ethical standards.1

OPRS is currently working on providing additional guidance for the UIUC campus and its researchers.  Until the UIUC-specific guidance and policies are provided, please review the attached guidance for background information and contact OPRS with any questions. 

Midwestern State University Guidance

Duke University Guidance


1Bankert, E.A., Gordon, B.G., Hurley, E.A., Shriver, S.P.  (2021). Institutional review board: Management and function (3rd ed.). Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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