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Consent Document templates can be found on Forms, Guidance, and Resources, by clicking the "Templates" tab.

OPRS provides consent document templates as a resource tool for researchers. The consent templates provided are not required to be used; however, the templates do provide instructions and details about consent requirements and may make the review process easier. OPRS and IRB will review consent documents submitted to ensure that all regulations are met and all consent requirements have been included. A consent checklist is also provided to assist researchers if they choose to use a separate consent template or document. The checklist helps a researcher confirm all required elements are appropriately included. 

Consent Document  This is a standard consent document template to be used for adult participants in social behavioral or biomedical research. This standard template is geared toward minimal risk research.
Consent and Authorization Document This template includes Authorization for the use of Protected Health Information. This template should be used for research conducted with HIPAA-protected data.
Consent Cover Letter This template should be used as a consent document for simple survey or questionnaire research. This document should be used when a signature will not be collected.
Information Sheet This template can be used to obtain informed consent without a signature. This template is similar to the Consent Cover Letter template, but includes more details for potentially more involved research than one simple survey.
Debriefing Document A debriefing document is used when a study involves deception, incomplete disclosure, or studies designed in such a way that providing complete background information will invalidate the study. 
Assent Document An Assent document is used for children aged 7-17 or cognitively impaired adults who are unable to provide legal consent, but allows them to provide their understanding and agreement to research participation.
Parental Permission The Parental Permission form is the consent document that is used when the research participant is a child and the consent is being provided by the parent/guardian.
Supplemental Consent Language This document contains additional consent template language that can be added to consent documents depending on specific situations (for example, Greater than Minimal Risk research).
Consent Checklist This checklist can be used to ensure all consent requirements are included in your consent document. 


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