GDPR: EU & UK Privacy Rules


GDPR is a European data privacy law intended to protect the privacy of individuals located inside the European Economic Area (EEA).  Even though the United Kingdom (UK) withdrew from the EU, the UK has a similar law, known as UK GDPR.

Human Subjects Research and GDPR Process

If you would like to conduct research with persons in any of the EEA countries and/or the UK, including re-using personal data collected from persons in the EEA or the UK, please follow these steps:

1. Review information provided by the University of Illinois about Research and the GDPR.

2. Complete the Online GDPR Tool: This tool will help you determine if the GDPR applies to your research.  If it does, the tool will identify consent templates that should be incorporated into your study's informed consent information. 

3. Provide the PDF output obtained from the Online GDPR Tool to OPRS with your IRB application as an attached file.  OPRS staff will use this information to assist you with GDPR-compliant consent templates during the review of your protocol.

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