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Submittal Process

Starting the Application Process

If you, a member of your research team or a collaborator will observe, interact with, or intervene with individuals to gather information that will be used for research such as:

  • Surveys, questionnaires, focus groups or interviews
  • Games, experiments in physical or electronic environments
  • Physical or biomedical procedures
  • Diet, nutrition studies, taste tests
  • Studies examining effectiveness of educational tools or curricula
  • Use of instruments or devices, including phones, to collect data or monitor or influence behavior
  • Passive observation of public behavior (in physical or online environments, including social media)

If the information being collected is about individuals and will be used for publication, presentation, thesis or dissertation and the focus of the project is on people, their opinions, perceptions, choices, or how methods, policies, procedures, organizations, etc. affect them or their environment, your project is most likely considered research with human subjects and an application to the IRB office and written notice of approval will be needed before the study can begin. 

Decision Tree for IRB Determination

Determination of Steps

The Illinois IRB office has checklists to help investigators determine steps they need to fulfill throughout the process. 

Checklists for Investigators

Completing the Form

Once your project has been determined human subjects research and the steps to follow has been established, the following form will need to be completed:

Protocol Form

Submitting the Form

Once you have completed your application and your Responsible Project Investigator (RPI) has signed all forms requesting a signature, please submit your application and supplemental materials (recruitment, measures, co-investigator form, consents, etc.) to our office at Applications are only accepted via email.

To follow the review process once you submit your documents:

Review Process