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University of Illinois Students and Employees as Research Subjects

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University of Illinois Students and Employees as Research Subjects

University students and employees may volunteer or be recruited as potential subjects; however, additional safeguards are required for these subjects.

When University students and/or employees are being recruited as potential subjects, researchers must ensure that there are additional safeguards for these subjects. The voluntary nature of their participation must be primary and without undue influence on their decision. Researchers must emphasize to subjects that their grades at, status at, or future relations with the University of Illinois will NOT be affected by their participation decision.

To minimize coercion, investigators should avoid, whenever possible, the use of their own students and employees in research procedures which are neither therapeutic nor diagnostic.  In these latter situations, investigators should solicit subjects through means such as bulletin board notices, flyers, advertisements in newspapers, and announcements in classes other than their own. When entering a classroom to recruit students and/or conduct research, investigators must do so at the end of the class period to allow non-participating students the option of leaving the classroom, thereby alleviating pressure to participate.

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