Submitting to the IRB

OPRS and the IRB handle many different types of applications

Explore the applications that may apply to your research.

Application Types 

New Study Application

A New Study Application is used for any study that is being considered for initial review and approval.

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Amendment Applications

An Amendment Application is used to request approval of any change to the currently approved protocol and/or consent process.  These are only considered after a study has received initial review and approval as a new study.

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Continuing Review Applications

Continuing Review Applications are also referred to as renewals.  Federal Regulations require that many studies are reviewed at least annually.  In addition, the IRB reviews all research that is greater than minimal risk at least annually.

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Annual HRPP Progress Updates

The Annual HRPP Progress Update is used to submit study status and administrative information for studies that do not require a continuing review application (i.e. studies without an expiration date.)

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Report Forms

The Report Form application is used to submit problems, events, or information to the IRB for review.  These may include Adverse Events, Protocol Deviations, reports of Non-Compliance, and Unanticipated Problems.

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Final Project Reports

A Final Project Report is submitted when the researcher would like to close the study.

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The Submissions Review Process

Step1: New Study Application Submission

Step 2: Intake

Step 3: Pre-review

Step 4: Complete pre-review

Step 5: Exempt or Board Review

Step 6: Notification of Determination

The review timeline varies based on different applications.

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Review type Pre-Review Board Review Final Processing
Exempt Review Up to 2 weeks N/A 1 week
Expedited Review Up to 2 weeks Up to 2 weeks 1 week
Convened Board Up to 2 weeks 1-5 weeks, depending on meeting schedule 1 week 1 week