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Learn the New IRBOnline System

OPRS is pleased to announce  IRBOnline, the new electronic IRB submission system.  All new studies required to be submitted via the IRBOnline system starting on Monday, September 18, 2023.

Online Courses

Navigation Tutorial

Amendment Application Tutorial Video


Mini-Lesson Videos

Video - Create a Project (including Department selection)

Video - How to handle Revision Requests

Video - How to Check for a Missing Response

Video - Researcher Dashboard Update - New Tabs



Helpful Documents to Learn the Interface

Below are helpful documents from IRBOnline with comments to assist with navigation and instructions. 


Application Submission Process

1. Create Application

Only the PI can create the application.  Research Team Contacts can edit and complete the application once the PI adds them.

2. Submit the Application

Once the application is complete, the PI must submit the application.  Make sure all required questions are complete.  

3. Receive Email with Revision Requests

The PI and Research Team Contacts (not the Research Team Members) will receive an email with the revision requests.

4. Make Revisions

The PI or Research Team Contact will log into IRBOnline and make the required revisions.

5. Re-Submit the Application

The PI of Research Team can submit the revisions; but the PI still has ultimate oversight responsibility.


IRBOnline Key Points

Save Often

Your application is not autosaved. Make sure you press "Save" in the upper right corner often while you are working on the application.

PI Must Create the Study

The PI must create the study.  Once created, the PI can add research team members.  Research Team Contacts can edit the application once they have been added. 

Smart Forms

The applications in IRBOnline are smart forms.  As you move through the application, you will get required sections based on how you have answered previous questions.  You will see some sections that are not active based on what you have answered.

Only UIUC Affiliates

Only people affiliated with UIUC can be added to the Research Team.  Anyone not affiliated with UIUC either needs to obtain their own IRB approval, or if you want UIUC to act as their IRB, you must submit a Reliance Consultation Request.


Principal Investigator: Main Points to Know

Only the PI Can Create a New Project

Only the PI can create a new project.  Once the PI creates the project and adds research team members, someone else can complete the application.

Only the PI Can Submit a Study

Only the PI can submit a study.  The application can be completed by someone else on the research team, but only the PI can submit it for review.

Investigator's Statement of Assurance

In order to submit the application, the PI must agree to oversee and conduct research responsibly and in a compliant manner.  The full statement is available on the OPRS website for review.

An Incomplete Application Won't Submit

If the PI tries to submit the study application and the statement of assurance does not appear, there is an issue somewhere in the application.  Scroll back through and look for any red font noting a required response is missing.