Transitioning to IRBOnline


Transitioning an Existing Project to IRBOnline


What is needed for IRBOnline

Any human subject research project that is currently active (Exempt, Minimal Risk, Greater than Minimal Risk) at UIUC will be required to be submitted as a new project in IRBOnline. 

The new project will receive a new IRB number once it has been submitted in IRBOnline.  Once your "new" project has been approved, your old project will be closed by OPRS.  Your research will then continue under the new IRB number and application. 

As long as your original application is not expired there is no need to stop conducting any research activities during the submission and review of the electronic submission. 



Any active human subject research (Exempt, Minimal Risk, Greater than Minimal Risk) project that has not been approved via the IRBOnline system by October 31, 2024 will be administratively closed and all human subject research activities must stop.  See FAQs and details below for more information. 


Resources Available

  1. Projects that were originally approved after February 2023 were submitted on the "New Study Application" form.  This form is almost exactly the same as the application IRBOnline with the exception of a few of the attachment forms.  You should be able to copy and paste information from your original application in the IRBOnline response easily.
  2. Prior to February 2023, the "Protocol Form" was used to submit new study applications to OPRS.  Use this "mapping" document using the most recent version of the Protocol Form to help you map responses on the Protocol Form to where to insert that response in the IRBOnline system. 
  3. There may be questions in the IRBOnline application that were not present in older versions of the Protocol Form and the Exempt Form that was also used for submissions.  Someone with familiarity to how the research has been conducted should be able to answer those questions about how the research was or will be conducted.  An additional Tip Sheet is provided. 
  4. Tip Sheet - please review the Tip Sheet for other recommendations and requirements for completing the form, for example, the application should be completed to provide full information about the project but then should include a statement about the current status (e.g. All interactions with participants and data collection has been completed, only analysis of identifiable data continues).