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Because Carle Health and UIUC have a close relationship, research collaborations involving both are common. Carle has its own IRB and Human Subjects Protection Program similar to the UIUC IRB and OPRS.


Working Together to Streamline the IRB Review Process: Carle and OPRS

Carle HSPP and OPRS work together to streamline the IRB review process. If both Carle and UIUC are engaged in the conduct of human subject research, each entity is required to track and document certain parts of each project; however, often the IRB review aspect can be completed through a single IRB review process. 

OPRS and Carle HSPP work together to determine the appropriate IRB to conduct the IRB review. Considerations include the research’s location, the researchers involved, how participants are being recruited, and medical record access requirements.  

The lead PI can reach out to either IRB to discuss the project and begin the consideration process for which IRB will review the study. The ancillary review process and other departments that must review the application outside of the IRB differ at each institution and some reviews may be required regardless of the IRB used. This means that some type of application is required at each institution if the institution is engaged in research. 

About Carle Research Services Form Requirement

Please note that prior to submitting to Carle IRB, all human research projects must be coordinated through Carle Health’s Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute.

Before including Carle in a research grant proposal or research protocol you must first request or inquire about services from SFCRI. To initiate contact with SFCRI and express interest in beginning a research effort, please complete a Carle Research Services Request Form.

Go to Carle Research Services Request Form

This form is not a Carle IRB form nor is it a submission to Carle IRB.

What IRB application do I submit when I'm working with Carle?

As you work with Carle Health’s Stephens Family Clinical Research Institute, the IRBs will also be consulted.  The appropriate pathway for your project will be determined and will depend on which IRB is the "reviewing IRB" and what the expected risk determination level is for your project.  Below are links to instructions based upon the feedback you receive from the IRBs.  It is important to work with SFCRI and the IRBs to determine the correct pathway before you begin an application

Reviewing IRB Risk/Review Level Link to Instructions
Carle IRB Minimal or Greater than Minimal Risk (Expedited or Convened Board Review) Carle/Full
Carle IRB Exempt Research Carle/Exempt
UIUC IRB Minimal or Greater than Minimal Risk (Expedited or Convened Board Review) UIUC/Full


Does My Research Project with Carle Illinois College of Medicine Require IRB Review?

Learn more about the requirements for IRB Reviews involving Carle College of Medicine Research . 

See Requirements for IRB Review Involving Carle College of Medicine 

Contact Carle IRB

For questions about the Carle IRB process, please contact Carle's IRB.

Contact the Carle IRB

Additional information can be found at on Carle's website.