Can I just close my study?


Can I just close my study?


Yes! If you have completed a project, or don't intent to continue it, please close the project.  Additionally, there may be projects that you completed and OPRS still has listed as active, close those projects.  To close your study: 

  • Exempt Projects:
    • The Principal Investigator must email
    • Subject: Study Closure IRB#XXXXX
    • Email body should request the study be closed and include the following language verbatim: 
      • I certify that the approved research protocol is complete and should be closed.  I understand that the closure of this research protocol means that no further data collection, follow-up with participants, or research activities that use personally identifiable information may be conducted.  I understand that data analysis and manuscript preparation can occur as long as participant identifiers are not accessed or viewed for these activities.  I agree to retain all research materials for at least 3 years after closure of the research project and acknowledge that these documents may be subject to review by the IRB, if deemed necessary. 
  • Minimal Risk or Greater than Minimal Risk Projects: 

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