Extramural Institutional Certifications


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has a Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) Policy that applies to all NIH funded research that generates human genomic data. Investigators are expected to comply with GDS policy by submitting large-scale human genomic data as well as relevant associated data to an NIH-designated data repository. Institutions are responsible for ensuring that a plan for the submission of human genomic data to the NIH meets the expectations of the GDS Policy through an Institutional Certification. Investigators are expected to work with their institution to provide Institutional Certification prior to initiating applicable research. Specific information pertaining to the GDS Policy, Institutional Certifications, and the NIH publicly available datasets can be found in the link below.

Additionally, other federal agencies may have requirements for submission of research data into specific data repositories. It is important to know what your sponsor or funding agency's data sharing policies are because this will impact language included in your informed consent documents. 

If you are provided or asked to sign an "Institutional Certification" or "Extramural Certification", please provide the form along with the IRB# to OPRS via email at  OPRS will review the study to ensure UIUC can sign the certification and then OPRS will manage the process to obtain the Institutional Official signature. 

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