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When UIUC faculty, staff, or students conduct human subjects research, UIUC and OPRS have oversight responsibility. This responsibility does not change based on where the research is conducted or with whom the research is conducted.  Researchers are required to submit an application to OPRS for review of any human subject research whether it is conducted within the U.S. or internationally (online or in-person). 

UIUC and OPRS are responsible for ensuring all research conducted by UIUC researchers is conducted at the highest ethical standards. In addition to confirming U.S. human subjects research protections have been put in place, researchers are responsible for ensuring that all human subject research policies and regulations are followed based upon the participants' location. 

If a study is targeting participants located outside the U.S., the researcher must complete and attach the International Research Form to the New Study Application. The researcher is required to review the local human research protection policies for the country or countries in which the research participants are located. Researchers should review the OHRP guidance document for the specific country and contact the local research authority and follow their policies, as applicable. Learn more about the OHRP International Compilation of Human Research Standards.

It is the researcher's responsibility to review this information and begin the process with the international regulatory authority, if applicable. OPRS will not give final approval for the researcher to conduct the research until the information has been provided.  

In some countries, there may be no research regulations but privacy regulations apply.

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